Schnauzers from all over the country (and even from overseas) will descend upon Rome, GA over the weekend to participate in Schnauzerfest 2019.  The two-day event will feature various competitions, as well as opportunities for schnauzer-owners (and their dogs) to connect with one another.

Hugh Tyner, the organizer of Schnauzerfest 2019, indicates that the event will fall short of its goal to break a Guinness World Record for World Record Dog Walk of any one breed.  But it will still be the largest gathering of schnauzers in the world.

So why Schnauzerfest?  Because it had never been done, asserts Tyner, who adds that he’d been looking for a place to showcase his schnauzers (Leo and Lexie) and to connect with other enthusiasts of the popular dog breed. Nearly 700 schnauzers and an estimated 1,300 people from 42 states will be in town this weekend for Schnauzerfest 2019, as well as a couple of schnauzers from the UK, says Tyner.

Tyner urges Romans to head downtown on Saturday morning for a Schnauzer Parade that is scheduled to begin 10 am.  For full details about Schnauzerfest, visit or search for Schnauzerfest Rome 2019 on Facebook.  The two-day event begins on Friday.