Most Americans don’t know the basics of American history, but they should.  This is the assertion of Randolph G. Russell, author of “American History In No Time:  A Quick and Easy Read for the Basics”.

Studies show that a lack of knowledge about American history is a problem across the country, says Russell, who believes that in order to move forward, we must know where we came from.

Russell adds that according to a poll from the Freedom Forum Institute, only one out of a thousand adults can name the five freedoms that are guaranteed by the First Amendment.  A US Department of Education study indicates that only 12 percent of high school seniors are proficient in American history.

Through his 120-page book, Russell aims to make it easier for people to learn the basics of American history in just a few hours.

“American History In No Time:  A Quick and Easy Read for the Basics” may be purchased through Amazon at a cost of $14.95 per copy.

Russell was the guest speaker for a joint Rotary Club meeting on Thursday at the Coosa Country Club.  He ended his presentation by playing a rendition of of “America the Beautiful” on his saxophone.