Tuesday is Election Day in the City of Rome.  Voters will determine who will fill six spots in Wards One and Three of the Rome City Commission.  Also on the ballot – the Sunday “brunch bill”, which (if it’s passed) would allow local restaurants to start serving alcohol at 11 am (as opposed to the current time of 12:30 pm) on Sundays.

The municipal election is non-partisan.  However, representatives from both the Floyd County Republican and Democratic Parties are taking advantage of the opportunity to encourage locals to get out and vote!

Luke Martin, who recently assumed the post of Chairman of the Floyd GOP, asserts that City Commissioners have faced some issues that have dominated  the headlines over the past year.  Local voters have an opportunity to choose who will tackle tough issues of the future.

Ruth Demeter, Chairwoman of the Floyd County Democratic Party, urges all voters to know the people for whom they vote.  Also, cast those ballots based on a candidates’ history and values.

Candidates for Ward One of the Rome City Commission include incumbents Bill Irmscher, Milton Slack and Sundai Stevenson, as well as the challengers Mark Cochran and Jim Bojo.  In the race for Ward Three, the incumbents Bill Collins and Craig McDaniel are running for re-election.  Challengers include JJ Walker Seifert and Bonny Askew.