Is your New Year’s resolution for 2020 to achieve financial stability?  Take baby steps towards that goal, advises Cristin Warden, a financial planner and owner of Rome-based Financial Harmony.

Whether your resolution is to get out of debt or to save enough money to take that dream vacation, Warden attests that it is important to clarify your reason for achieving financial stability and then create a plan to get there.  And don’t forget to take baby steps!

And as you reach milestones in your journey towards financial stability, make sure to reward yourself, adds Warden.

Warden is avid fan of financial advisor and radio host Dave Ramsey and will host a nine week session of his Financial Peace University class beginning on January 29th at the Seven Hills building at 538 Broad Street.  Registration for the class is available at www.fpu.com/1109308.

The Dave Ramsey Show may be heard weekdays from 3 pm until 5 pm over the airwaves of WLAQ 1410 AM and 96.9 FM.

By the way, tax season is almost here.  This friendly reminder is courtesy of Rob Harbison, financial adviser for Peachtree Planning Corporation.  So you might want to go ahead and round up all the necessary documents.

Harbison agrees with Warden, as it pertains to that New Year’s resolution to achieve financial stability, that it is wise to take baby steps. Most importantly, he asserts, just get started!