The excessive rainfall that has covered Northwest Georgia in recent days can have a negative impact on trees. Keith Mickler, the UGA Extension agent for Floyd County, says that saturated soil, coupled with high winds, may result in downed trees – as was the case on a stormy Saturday two weeks ago.

Making sure that trees are healthy can be a time-consuming and arduous task, adds Mickler. One of the most important things that tree growers can do is to protect the tree’s root system.

Trees have also been left vulnerable by drought conditions over recent years in this area, indicates Mickler.

A soil test can help you determine necessary nutrients to grow healthier trees, asserts Mickler. The tests are available for $9 each from the UGA Extension Office, which is located inside the Floyd County Administration Building on East 4th Avenue in downtown Rome. For additional information, call Mickler at (706) 295-6210.