Cases of COVID-19 (the coronavirus) are on the rise in Georgia. According to the state Department of Public Health, there were 99 confirmed cases as of noon on Sunday. Four were reported here in Floyd County. Updates are now provided daily at noon in order to provide the most recent numbers available; they may be accessed online at

President Donald Trump declared a national emergency this past Friday in an effort to combat the coronavirus. Georgia’s Governor Brian Kemp declared a public health emergency statewide on Saturday.

Northwest Georgia medical and public health leaders released a statement on Saturday via which they declared there is now clear indication of community spread of the virus. This group unanimously endorsed the decision to cancel events and large gatherings. The use of ‘social distancing’ is also encouraged to mitigate the spread of the virus and protect area residents.

The presidential preference primary election that had been set for March 24th has now been delayed. It will now coincide with the general primary election on May 19th. The votes that had already been cast in advance will be counted towards the presidential primary.

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