An increase in testing has led to an increase in confirmed cases of COVID-19 across the state, says Logan Boss, Public Information Officer for the Georgia Department of Public Health, Northwest Health District. Testing is now only available to highest-risk individuals that are symptomatic. The elderly, those with underlying medical conditions, healthcare workers, first responders, and caregivers at nursing homes are among those eligible to be tested.

Specimens gathered at healthcare facilities and testing sites statewide are sent off to either public health or commercial laboratories for the determination of results, adds Boss.

Testing is not currently provided to the general public, indicates Boss. Those who exhibit no or only mild symptoms of COVID-19 don’t need to be tested. The majority of people with moderate symptoms can safely recover with self-isolation and treatment of symptoms at home.

Learn more about COVID-19 (or coronavirus) on the Georgia Department of Public Health’s website at or on the site of the Centers for Disease Control at