Update 4/24/20 (Noon): Confirmed COVID-19 Cases Rise To 22,147 Statewide, 892 Deaths Now Reported

Georgia Department of Public Health has reported that there have been 22,147 confirmed cases of COVID-19 across the state as of 12-noon on Friday, April 24, 2020.  Floyd County has 129 confirmed cases and 10 deaths at the time of this report.  The number of confirmed cases in Polk County (36 cases/0 deaths), Gordon County (73 cases/ 10 deaths), Chattooga County (11 cases/1 death), and Bartow (265 cases/28 deaths).  There have been 892 deaths related to the coronavirus in Georgia at the time of this release. The counties in Georgia with the highest confirmed cases are Fulton (2468 cases/90 deaths), Dekalb (1709 cases/35 deaths), Dougherty (1487 cases/108 deaths), Gwinnett (1366 cases/46 deaths), and Cobb (1343 cases/69 deaths).

The DPH has typically been updating the COVID-19 daily status report twice daily at noon and at 7 pm. However, they are not updating at different time increments.  More detailed updates are available online at www.dph.georgia.gov.