Update 4/28/20 (Noon): Confirmed COVID-19 Cases Rise To 24,551 Statewide, 1020 Deaths Now Reported

Georgia Department of Public Health has reported that there have been 24,551 confirmed cases of COVID-19 across the state as of 11:25 a.m. on Tuesday, April 28, 2020.  Floyd County has 134 confirmed cases and 11 deaths at the time of this report.  The number of confirmed cases in Polk County (49 cases/0 deaths), Gordon County (81 cases/ 12 deaths), Chattooga County (14 cases/1 death), and Bartow (294 cases/30 deaths).  There have been 1020 deaths related to the coronavirus in Georgia at the time of this release. The counties in Georgia with the highest confirmed cases are Fulton (2707 cases/106 deaths), Dekalb (1883 cases/44 deaths), Gwinnett (1573 cases/54 deaths), Cobb (1507 cases/80 deaths), and Dougherty (1491 cases/114 deaths)

The DPH has typically been updating the COVID-19 daily status report twice daily at noon and at 7 pm. However, they are not updating at different time increments.  More detailed updates are available online at www.dph.georgia.gov.