Not all the stories of those who have contracted coronavirus end in tragedy. Some stories are full of hope, healing, victory, and survival – as was the case for Clay Bentley of Rome.

On Sunday, March 1st, Bentley was exposed to COVID-19 at a church service in Cartersville. He tested positive for the virus about a week later, one of the first confirmed cases in Georgia.

Bentley recalls that during his hospitalization, he relied on his faith in God to pull him through a time of isolation and serious illness.

About eight days into his hospital stay, Bentley was informed by doctors that his prognosis was not good. But he held on to hope.

That night, as he struggled to breathe, Bentley attests that he felt the presence of God. It felt like a man had been laying on his chest – one that would go on to breathe air into and fluid out of his lungs. Doctors were blown away by his recovery the next morning.

The doctors suggested that positive energy assisted with Bentley’s recovery. Bentley has faith that he was granted a miracle from God. He headed home from the hospital a couple of days later.

Bentley’s road to recovery continues. He was told by his doctors that it would take about a year to regain his strength and for his lungs to fully heal from the effects of the virus.

Bentley, the founder of Rome-based Flowing Waters Ministries, encourages Northwest Georgians to have faith that ‘God is still in the healing business”.