Georgia’s unemployment rate skyrocketed to 11.9 percent last month to mark an all-time high, this according to the latest report from the state Department of Labor. It reflects a 7.3 percent increase from March. The rate stood at 3.6 percent in April 2019.

Last month’s unemployment rate eclipsed the previous high of 10.6 percent that occurred in December 2010, indicates State Labor Commissioner Mark


Unemployment claims have reached an all-time high, with this month’s total surpassing the number of claims reached over the past four years combined. First-time unemployment claims rose by 1,041,401, or 333 percent, in April to reach a total of 1,353,921. Claims were up by 1,332,941, or 6,353 percent, over the year.

Georgia’s number of jobs decreased by 492,100 during the month, the lowest lowest number of jobs on record in six years. They were down over the year by 473,100 to reach a total of 4,126,500.

The number of employed residents also exhibited a significant decline, as did the state’s labor force.