The Georgia General Assembly’s 2020 session is slated to resume during the week of June 11-15. This session was halted in March, right after Crossover Day, due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Eddie Lumsden, who represents Georgia’s 12th District in the state House of Representatives, asserts that lawmakers await the latest revenue data in order to balance the state’s budget, which is required by the end of this Fiscal Year on June 30th.

A budget passed by the House had awaited approval by the Senate before the outbreak. Things have changed significantly since then. Where lawmakers had previously considered a six percent cut, they now aim to slash the state’s budget by 14 percent. Lumsden says that department heads have been doing what they can to meet the reduction.

There is some good news, according to Lumsden. Even amid our economic challenges, businesses are still expanding in and moving to Georgia.

COVID-19 will change the way people do business in Georgia, at least until there is a vaccine for the virus, states Lumsden.

Rome and Floyd County residents with any questions or concerns related to the pandemic or other issues are encouraged by Lumsden to reach out to him or any local legislator; contact information is featured on the Georgia General Assembly’s website at www.legis.ga.gov.