Elevation House, a non-profit with a mission to encourage those living with mental illness, celebrated a milestone earlier this month. June 3rd marked the first anniversary of the establishment of its clubhouse at the Kelsey-Aycock-Burrell Center on Washington Drive in Rome.

Carrie Edge, Executive Director, enthuses that her organization has witnessed ‘lives transformed’ over the past year as its clients have been able to find jobs, housing, and (most importantly) support.

Elevation House is the only affiliate in the state of Georgia with Clubhouse International, a rehabilitation model that has been in existence for more than 70 years which has spread worldwide.

Edge anticipates that there will be a great need for the services provided by Elevation House in the future as state funding for mental health services has been cut. Elevation House does not receive funding from the state; it is fully supported by this community.

The public is encouraged to visit www.elevationhouse.org to make a donation and get additional information about Elevation House. Edge also urges locals to mark their calendars for August 27th – that is the date of Beautiful Minds, a (virtual) gala and auction fundraiser; more details will be posted on Elevation House’s Facebook page.