Rome’s unemployment rate declined in May to 9.1 percent, according to the Georgia Department of Labor. That was down by 4.1 percentage points from 13.2 percent in April. The rate was 3.5 percent in May 2019.

The number of jobs in Rome rose by 1,600 from April to end May at 41,200; that total was down by 600 over the year.

First-time unemployment claims decreased by 42 percent over the month, but rose by 2,250 percent over the year for metro Rome.

All of Georgia’s MSAs (metropolitan statistical areas) continue to see stinted yearly growth due to the impact of COVID-19, though nearly all of the major sectors are beginning to spike.

Northwest Georgia’s unemployment rate decreased last month to 8.7 percent, down from 12.9 percent in April. The rate was 3.2 percent in May 2019.

Mark Butler, Georgia Labor Commissioner, says, “The fact that almost every single monthly indicator in May’s job market report was positive shows great promise to Georgia’s economy up ahead.”

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