Election Day 2020 is on the books! Votes are still being counted nationwide in the neck-and-neck race among Donald Trump and Joe Biden for President of the United States. A total of 270 electoral votes are necessary to officially take that office.

Complete election results for Georgia, including Floyd County, are posted on the Secretary of State’s website at

Topping the ballots of voters statewide have been races for US Senate. David Perdue appears poised for another term. Kelly Loeffler and Raphael Warnock are headed for a run-off in January.

Winners of local interest in Tuesday’s election include Chuck Hufstetler, who won a bid for re-election to state Senate, and Eddie Lumsden, granted another term with the state House. Barbara Penson will serve another term as Clerk of Superior Court for Floyd County, while Wright Bagby Jr. and Allison Watters have been re-elected to the Floyd County Commission.

Record early voting led to a relatively easy day at the polls on Election Day, according to Melanie Conrad with the Floyd County Board of Elections and Registration, who adds that about 55 percent of the county’s registered voters cast their ballots in advance.

Conrad believes that Election 2020 was ‘the most important election in living history’ with much on the line for American voters.

Dr. Thomas Rees, the chairman of the elections board, agrees that this was an important election; however, the next presidential election could end up being just as historic.

Speaking of historic moments, history was made in Rome, Georgia this past Sunday evening as Donald Trump brought his campaign for re-election to the Russell Regional Airport. There were no major security issues on that historic night, asserts Luke Martin, chair of the Floyd County Republican Party.

Martin believes that no matter one’s opinion of the person that holds office, it was ‘pretty impressive’ that the President of the United States came to Rome, Georgia.

Ruth Demeter, Chair of the Floyd County Democratic Party, offered thanks to the volunteers who made the general election run smoothly (more so than the primary). She indicated, “We are proud of our candidates and of the way our members conducted themselves during this difficult election season.”