(Harbin Clinic media release):

Dr. Ademola Adeseye joins Harbin Clinic Cardiothoracic Surgery and will begin seeing patients August 16, 2021. Beyond adding a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team, Dr. Adeseye adds to Harbin’s culture of compassionate care. He shares that his medical philosophy is “to treat every patient as if they are your mother, your father, or any other family member.”

Dr. Adeseye grew up in Lagos, Nigeria, and throughout his school years, he was always drawn to the sciences. Biology and anatomy were his forte, so choosing a career in medicine felt like the perfect fit. As a medical student, he was enthralled with studies focused on the heart and lungs. However, his decision to pursue cardiothoracic surgery was highly influenced by seeing his first heart surgery. Dr. Adeseye vividly remembers the way he felt watching a heart independently resume contraction after surgery. “It was such a humbling experience: nothing short of a miracle. Now I get to experience this miraculous occurrence every day,” he marveled. 

As a fourth-year medical student, Dr. Adeseye saw a patient with what seemed like a trivial nosebleed. After a thorough evaluation, however, he discovered the patient had Coarctation of the Aorta, a very rare condition. 

After diagnosis, Dr. Adeseye’s next step was to refer the patient to a surgeon. “During my time caring for that patient, I realized that I wanted to continue his care and be the physician that performed his surgery,” explained Dr. Adeseye. “I wanted to be there for my patient during that critical process. I also discovered that no matter how powerful technology is, the patient-physician interaction is crucial to quality medical care.”That’s the aspect of his job that brings Dr. Adeseye the most satisfaction. 

I have the opportunity to care for people at some of their most vulnerable moments,” he explained. “It is a privilege to intervene surgically on those patients, and then to be able to tell them, ‘Your lung cancer is gone,’ or ‘You have a new heart valve.’ It is an incredible moment when you let a patient know we have improved their chance of survival.”

In his free time, Dr. Adeseye enjoys cooking and experimenting with new recipes, but he jokes that only his kids will eat his cooking. His family is looking forward to the small-town, cozy feel of Rome, and he is honored to join the culture of excellence at Harbin.
Dr. Ademola Adeseye received his medical degree from the College of Medicine, University of Ibadan, Nigeria. He did his General Surgery Residency at the University of Oklahoma, after which he then completed his Cardiothoracic Surgery Residency at Baylor College of Medicine and the Texas Heart Institute in Houston, TX. To learn more about Dr. Adeseye and Harbin Clinic Cardiothoracic Surgery, visit www.harbinclinic.com.