(Rome City Schools media release):

Faculty and staff, students, friends, family, and numerous community members gathered early Thursday morning at Main Elementary School to celebrate our local heroes with a special Veteran’s Day Breakfast Ceremony.

The event began with a special flag ceremony led by Lieutenant (Ret.) USN William Jasper, whose nephew is a student at Main Elementary.

The room then stood as everyone recited the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by a moment of silence. Next, Luke Pledger, a student at Main Elementary, read a poem about Veteran’s Day and why we dedicate a day to recognizing people who have served.

After a quick welcome from Main Elementary School Principal, Dr. LaRoyce Sublett, Lt. Jasper took center stage to explain what it means to be a Veteran.

“I served with many great men and women during my 20 years of service. Each and every one of them were willing to give their lives for a greater tomorrow. Being a veteran means a lot, and I am proud to be a veteran and to be part of this great nation,” explained Lt. Jasper.

Attendees were then called to the front of the cafeteria to be recognized and presented a Certificate of Appreciation for their service to our country. Even Main Elementary School’s Assistant Principal, Dr. Eric Robertson, was presented with a certificate for his eight years of service in the United States Marine Corps.

After the program, attendees were then treated to a special breakfast with their families and friends.

“Being able to host an event like this is so important to us here at Main Elementary School,” said Dr. Sublett.

He continued, “A lot of our students have family members who are veterans, and we also have many in our community as well. We felt it was necessary to acknowledge the sacrifices of these community members and all of their hard work. They help influence our students here at Main, so I am just so grateful we were able to host them here this morning.”

Main Elementary School Parent Mentor, Tika Lewis, put together this incredible event to honor the men and women of Rome and Floyd County for their involvement in keeping our country safe.

“These people are our history. They’re our legacy. Because of them, we can,” smiled Lewis. “It’s just so important to recognize these people for their sacrifices, and hosting this breakfast was the perfect opportunity to do that.”