(Media release from AAA, The Auto Club Group):

AAA recognizes 2021 was a challenging year for law enforcement agencies and traffic safety organizations across the state of Georgia, as they attempted to equip their organizations with much-needed traffic safety resources. In response, AAA established a traffic safety grant program which provided these organizations with an opportunity to submit requests for grant assistance.

According to the Georgia Department of Transportation, this is the second year in a row that roadway fatalities have increased in Georgia. The potential for death or a serious injury is always a risk while diving.

“Over 1,700 motorists lost their lives on Georgia roadways in 2021. It’s imperative that we act now to stem the tide of these unnecessary deaths,” said Garrett Townsend, Georgia Public Affairs Director for AAA – The Auto Club Group. “AAA is committed to providing these agencies with tools to reduce fatal crashes or injury caused by unsafe driving habits. We are incredibly honored to be able to help so many across Georgia save lives.”

After judging 27 applications, AAA awarded over $50, 000 in grants across the state. These grants went towards funding for programs aimed at educating teens and the public on traffic safety campaigns focused on reducing fatalities on Georgia roadways. Recipients were able to purchase much needed equipment, such as, devices that monitor speed control, traffic safety collateral, and drugged driving detection tools, to name a few.