The year-long celebration of the historic Rome Clocktower’s 150th birthday is officially underway! It kicked off on Thursday with an 1870s-style birthday party complete with the rededication of the waterworks and Clocktower (and cake!) on Clocktower Hill. Video of the special event is posted on Facebook; search for City of Rome, GA – Government.

This year’s celebration will feature a series of lectures about the Clocktower’s history from conception to construction to alterations, as indicated by Kristi Kent, Director of Communications at the Georgia’s Rome Office of Tourism. The lectures will be delivered by Selena Tilly over at the Rome Area History Center starting in April.

Monthly tours of the Clocktower will resume in April. Photographers, both professional and amateur, will have an opportunity to take pictures from atop the Clocktower in November.

For additional details on the year-long celebration of the Rome Clocktower’s 150th birthday, check out the Georgia’s Rome Office of Tourism’s website at A history of the local landmark may also be found on that site.