(Media release from Atrium Health Floyd):

Sonny Rigas officially retired from Atrium Health Floyd on Friday, ending 26

years of service with the organization.

Rigas served as an internal auditor at Floyd briefly in the 1980s. He then held administrative positions with other healthcare organization before returning to Floyd in 1996.

He was named executive vice president and chief operating officer in 2011. Rigas played a large role in the expansion of services at Floyd Medical Center, Polk Medical Center and Cherokee Medical Center as Floyd

became a regional hub for healthcare in northwest Georgia.

“It’s hard to imagine working here without Sonny,” said Kurt Stuenkel, executive vice president of Atrium Health and president and chief executive officer at Atrium Health Floyd. “It’s going to feel strange not to see him. Over the years we have worked together, traveled together and played golf together. He has been very dedicated to our mission.”

Rigas earned a Master of Business Administration from Berry College and

a bachelor’s degree in business from the University of Tennessee.

He said the biggest changes in the field he’s seen are tied to advances in technology.

“When I started in this business, we didn’t even have email,” Rigas said. “The changes in technology and how that has impacted the care we provide patients has been impressive.” Atrium Health Floyd announced last week the addition of another robot-assisted procedure.

Rigas said he is proud of the services Floyd has been able to provide during his nearly three decades with the organization.

“At the end of the day it really comes down to what you are doing for your community, what services you are offering and how you are helping patients,” he said.

He easily explained why he stayed with Floyd for nearly three decades.

“It’s the people and the culture,” Rigas said. “The people made this a great place to work and you usually find that to be the case at any company that is successful.”