It has been a hot week in Rome and Northwest Georgia. If you are going to be seeking relief from the heat on the water this weekend, be mindful to put safety first. This is the advice of Dave Roberson, Floyd County Sheriff.

This extreme heat can take its toll on all creatures, even the toughest of law enforcement officers. Roberson indicates that officers have to be mindful of the heat’s impact on their bodies, take breaks when necessary (and possible), and stay hydrated.

Temperatures soared as officers worked the construction accident out on Old Dalton Road this past Tuesday that resulted in two fatalities and two injuries. Roberson asserts that it was a tragic situation on an intense day.

Those temps will be a little cooler over the weekend with the daytime highs in the low 90s and overnight lows in the low 60s, but will be on the rise again next week – up to 101 by Wednesday, as predicted by the National Weather Service.

Along with heat safety, local law enforcement remains vigilant about school safety; it has been of utmost importance even prior to the school shooting out in Uvalde, Texas in late May, says Roberson.

The Floyd County Sheriff’s Office also remains in search of new employees to join their ranks. To learn more about employment opportunities, reach out via phone at (706) 291-4111 or social media.