(Media release from Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger):

Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger is announcing the release of Investor & Financial Literacy Guide: Strategies for Investing Wisely & Avoiding Financial Fraud. This free guide is yet another resource for Georgians to strengthen their financial savvy and achieve financial independence. Produced by the Secretary of State’s Securities Division, this guide complements the regular programming serving entrepreneurs and investors across the state to achieve success.

“As Georgians struggle with rising inflation and the financial stresses of a weakened economy, the work of the Securities Division is more important than ever,” said Secretary Raffensperger. “Providing these additional tools is a cornerstone of public service, and we’re here to help.”

In addition to increasing public awareness of sound investment strategies, this guide promotes other topics such as retirement planning, avoiding scams and fraud, and information on selecting a trusted financial advisor. The guide is available for free online, and Georgians may request a hard copy from the Securities Division.

There will be several Fall events in support of this program held throughout Georgia. The Secretary of State’s office is committed to providing public outreach, educational resources, and bettering the quality of life for all Georgians.

“The Securities Division is focused on providing valuable tools to enrich the financial knowhow of all Georgians,” said Noula Zaharis, Securities Division Director. “Sound money management opens doors and is often the first step toward making one’s dreams a reality.”