(Media release from Georgia Highlands College):

Jason Christian has been selected to serve as the Dean of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) at Georgia Highlands College (GHC). 

As Dean, Christian oversees the School of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics which houses biological sciences, physical sciences, mathematics and technology, as well as building information modeling and management. 

Christian has been serving in the role in the interim capacity since March 2021. During that time, he successfully launched the Bachelor of Science in Building Information Modeling Management degree program and will launch the Bachelor of Science in Environmental and Natural Resources in January 2023.  

In his role, Christian helps set the tone and mission of the School of STEM in areas related to curriculum, community outreach and student success. 

“As an academic Dean I wear many hats,” Christian said. “I am the communicator of the vision of the college from senior leadership to the faculty and students within the School of STEM, but I also communicate the needs of the faculty and students to the senior leadership.” 

During his time as interim Dean of STEM, Christian said he has learned how complicated the process of higher education can be, while also learning how much of a positive impact on people one can make in the role of dean. 

He remains dedicated to the success of GHC students and faculty, and champions STEM education throughout GHC communities. 

“I have three goals as Dean of STEM: I hope to continue the success we have seen in STEM with increasing student success in and out of the classroom, I hope to continue growing our relationships and partnerships in the community and I hope to continue to grow our degree offerings within the school of STEM,” Christian said.  

Christian began his career at GHC in 2013 as a part-time instructor and joined the full-time biology faculty in 2014. Prior to assuming the Dean of STEM role, he served as one of the inaugural division chairs in the School of STEM.