(Media release from the Georgia’s Rome Office of Tourism):

The Georgia’s Rome Office of Tourism received the official economic impact data from the state reporting that tourists spent $136.4 million in Floyd County during 2021, the most recent year that data is available. This spending is a 24.8% year over year increase surpassing pre-pandemic numbers. Additionally, the tourism industry supported 1,505 jobs, an 11.8% year over year increase.
According to the report prepared by Tourism Economics, visitors generate a significant economic benefit to households, businesses and government. The data details the far-reaching impacts arising from visitor spending. Food and beverage spending made up the largest share of visitor spending at $44.7 million, followed by retail at $27.1 million, lodging at $26.8 million, transportation at $22.6 million and recreation at $15.2 million. Visitors generated $10.9 million in state and local taxes which is equivalent to $297 in tax savings for every household.
The state also reported that the top activity groupings that overnight visitors participated in include: outdoor (61%), entertainment (61%), cultural (41%), sporting (36%) and business (27%). The percentages do not total 100% because visitors may participate in multiple activities during an overnight stay. 
The analysis draws on the following data sources: Longwoods International survey data, including spending and visitor profile characteristics for visitors to Georgia, Bureau of Economic Analysis and Bureau of Labor Statistics, STR Lodging performance data, and tax collections. Visitors include those who stayed in overnight accommodations or those who came from a distance greater than 50 miles and deviated from their normal routine. 
The Georgia’s Rome Office of Tourism is the official destination and sports marketing organization of Rome and Floyd County, Ga. The Georgia’s Rome Office of Tourism’s mission is to strengthen the economic prosperity of the community through tourism development by attracting leisure travelers, conventions, meetings, film, sports and events.