(Media release from Rome International Film Festival):

The Rome International Film Festival (RIFF)  is proud to announce that its headquarters for 2022 will be Rome Playa Azul Media (PAM) Studios. The studio recently sponsored a Latinx Film Category in the submission categories for the festival and will be hosting and promoting various Latin-focused events and screenings that were chosen from the category during the Nov. 10 – Nov. 13 event. Their sponsorship will reflect the support of a multi-year partnership with the studio and festival. 

RIFF and PAM Studios provided an exclusive opportunity for Latinx filmmakers with Latinx backgrounds or Latinx-themed films to be considered in the hopes of giving the community behind the camera a voice. The newly-established category received LatinX features and shorts from five different countries and PAM Studios CEO Maria Guerra-Stoll served as a judge for the category submissions.

On Saturday, Nov. 12 PAM Studios will open as the Festival Box Office at 9:00 a.m. EST. The schedule for the day’s screenings, panel and events are as follows:

  • Latin Shorts Block – 10:30 a.m. – Run Time: 75:00
    • Wilder Center, 202 East 3rd Ave, Rome, Ga 30161
    • ‘Secreto’ – (Mexico)
    • ‘Concertina’ – (Mexico)
    • ‘A Severe Case of Prudery’ – (Canada)
    • ‘The Son Rises’ – (USA)
  • International Shorts Block – 11:30 a.m. – Run Time: 75:33
    • Wilder Center, 202 East 3rd Ave, Rome, Ga 30161
    • ‘Sonar’ – (UK)
    • ‘Burning’ – (Taiwan)
    • ‘All That Glitters’ – (UK)
    • ‘The Hermit’ – (UK)
    • ‘Squish’ – (Belgium)
    • ‘Getaway Driver’ – (Bulgaria) 
  • Latin Filmmakers Panel Discussion – 1:45 p.m.
    • PAM Studios – RIFF Headquarters, 510 Broad St, Rome, Ga 30161
  • Hunting Souls – Feature Film – 5:30 p.m.
    • Desoto Theatre, 530 Broad St, Rome, Ga 30161
  • RIFF Awards Ceremony – 8:30 p.m.
    • Rome City Auditorium, 601 Broad St, Rome, Ga 30161
  • RIFF VIP After Party – 9:30 p.m.
    • Lewis Loft – 413 Broad St, Rome, Ga 30161
  • RIFF VIP ROOM – Open 11 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.
    • The Canoe House – 608 Broad St, Rome, Ga 30161

“Here at PAM Studios, we are prioritizing women, Latinos and people of color behind the camera so that our voices can be heard,” Rome PAM Studios CEO Maria Guerra-Stoll said. “It’s behind the camera where we want to raise the bar.”

“We are incredibly excited to have PAM Studios as our headquarters,” RIFF Executive/Co-Creative Director Seth Ingram said. “We are looking forward to the various events in PAM Studios that will highlight Latino voices.” 

This year’s festival is set to have several networking opportunities, screenings, special guests, VIP events, and workshops to be announced in the coming weeks. The 2022 Rome International Film Festival has various sponsors including: Georgia Power, City of Rome, Courtesy Ford, Courtyard by Marriott, Hardy Realty, Kingston Downs, OTR Wheel Engineering, Rome PAM Studios, River City Bank, Suzuki Motor Sports, The Ball Corporation, and Toles, Temple, and Wright Real Estate. Learn more at

Pass holders will be seated first, ticket holders after. Tickets for individual film screenings during the festival are set at $10 and can be purchased at There is a student package for $25 that provides access to the entire festival minus parties. Further information for full access passes can be found at

To learn more about the 19th Annual Rome International Film Festival (RIFF), Nov. 10 – 13, please visit To schedule an interview with the RIFF team contact Minah Thomas (717) 253-6433 or Amy Parrish (404) 310-6559. To learn more about PAM Studios Rome visit, contact [email protected] or contact Jordan Budd with PAM Studios at (404) 419-2216.