(Media release from the Rome International Film Festival):

The Rome International Film Festival (RIFF) will be hosting an encore screening of the documentary ‘Her Name Was Hester’ on December 7 at 7:30 p.m. EST at the Rome City Auditorium followed by a Q&A with Director Brian Campbell. The documentary was screened on the opening night of this year’s RIFF to a sold-out audience and this screening gives another opportunity for viewing to those who missed it. Tickets are $10 and proceeds benefit the Hester Heritage Foundation and the Rome International Film Festival, both of which are local 501c3 non-profit organizations. Tickets can be purchased at Those who had an all-access pass to RIFF can attend the screening at no cost. 

‘Her Name Was Hester,’ follows Stacie Marshall as she moves back to her ancestral farm in Dirt Town Valley, Georgia, USA. Marshall wrestles with the reality of her farm having held enslaved humans and must find a way to make amends. In this process of reconciliation and filming, she is approached by a New York Times National Food Correspondent, who joins in the documentation of the story and it ends up on the cover of the New York Times July 4, 2021. A story passed down within Mrs. Marshall’s family about an enslaved woman, Hester, who served as a wet nurse to her ancestors and was eventually buried among them prompts Mrs. Marshall to engage in genealogical research and reconciliation efforts with her neighbors. Along the way, with the counsel and collaboration of her neighbors and trusted mentors, Betty and Melvin Mosley, Mrs. Marshall makes a surprising and emotional discovery that will change the community forever. 

“The outpouring of love and support expressed by the greater Rome Community was overwhelming,” said Betty Mosley and Stacie Marshall. “We are grateful for those who came to the premiere of ‘Her Name Was Hester’ and are excited about the encore screening.” 

“The film sold out on opening night,” said RIFF Executive/Co-Creative Director Seth Ingram. “We want the RIFF community to have another opportunity to watch this impactful film.”

“We are honored for RIFF to host an encore screening. Thank you for the outpouring of support!” said Director Brian Campbell. “We look forward to the screening and Q&A to follow.”

“Georgia Power is proud to be the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion sponsor for the Rome International Film Festival,” said Georgia Power representative Melvon Ingram. “The film, ‘Her Name Was Hester’ is a great film and a perfect example of how love can bring communities together and reconcile differences.”

The film is an Ozarkadia Films Production with the co-writer and editor Jeff Walsh’s A Million Things productions with special thanks to: Mountain Mama Farms, Stacie Marshall, Red Brand Studios, Darkroot Studios, Jackie Shropshire-Hammond, Jeneal Johnson, Ryan Simmons, Jory McDaniel Mosley, Stacie Marshall, Harmony Baptist Church in Summerville, Georgia and Betty and Melvin Mosley. The premiere of the film will also be an announcement of Hester’s Heritage Foundation, an organization founded in honor of Hester that will work to provide community aid and local scholarships. Visit to learn more and make a donation. Tickets can be purchased at

To learn more about the Rome International Film Festival (RIFF) please visit To schedule an interview with the ‘Her Name was Hester’ or RIFF team, contact Minah Thomas (717) 253-6433 or Amy Parrish (404) 310-6559.