(Media release from Georgia Northwestern Technical College):

More than 300 students from Georgia Northwestern Technical College’s (GNTC) nine-county service area crossed the stage of the Dalton Convention Center on Tuesday, Dec. 13, to the cheers of their families, friends, instructors and staff.

After students, administrators and faculty marched into place during Processional, the National Anthem was presented. Invocation was led by Troy Peco, program director and instructor of Automotive Technology at GNTC.

Dr. Heidi Popham, president of GNTC, welcomed guests, congratulated graduates and introduced commencement address speaker Crista Howell, winner of the college’s 2022 Rick Perkins Instructor of the Year. Howell spoke about overcoming fear.

“You had a choice to quit your programs at any time, but you made the hard choice, and here you are,” Howell said. “All of you had to overcome some form of fear to get into your programs and to complete them. You may have had fear of failure, fear of missing family events, fear of financial hardships or fear of the unknown after graduation.”

Fear is a lie people create that holds them back from achieving their goals, she explained. She commended the graduates for overcoming their fears and completing their programs of study.

Howell has been an instructor at GNTC since 2011. She is the director of all Ultrasound programs, which include Diagnostic Medical Sonography, Adult Echocardiography and Vascular Sonography. She is also GNTC’s instructor of Vascular Sonography.

Selena Magnusson, vice president of Institutional Effectiveness and Student Success at GNTC, recognized High Honor and Honor graduates. A special recognition for graduates who are veterans, Phi Beta Lambda members, SkillsUSA members and Student Government Association members was also led by Magnusson.

Stuart Phillips, vice president of Student Affairs at GNTC, presented the graduates, and Dr. Popham conferred the graduates with associate degrees, diplomas and certificates.

Susan Bowman, assistant dean and instructor of Health Information Management Technology at GNTC, administered the GNTC Alumni Association Oath.

Listed are graduates who participated in the 2022 Fall Commencement Ceremony showing (from left) the graduate’s name and program of study. This list does not include students that have graduated, but did not participate in the ceremony, or students who registered for the ceremony after the commencement program was printed:

Associate of Applied Science degree   

Latice M. Allen, Medical Assisting

Daisy Amber Azua, Surgical Technology 

Arlyn Yamileth Balcarcel, Medical Assisting

Denver Kole Beamon, Aviation Maintenance Technology

Kaylee Dale Beard, Criminal Justice Technology

Caylin B. Beavers, Accounting

Gisselle R. Beltran, Adult Echocardiography

Cameron M. Blaney, Automotive Technology

Leandro R. Borges, Business Management

Jasmine Delynn Brewer, Business Management

Jessica R. Briggs, Web Site Design/Development 

Raelyn A. Bryant, Business Management   

Matthew Gregory Bryson, Applied Technical Management

Lindsey Nicole Byrd, Adult Echocardiography

Vannessa Lajuan Calhoun, Vascular

Ashley N. Camp, Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Carolyn Lucile Casey, Business Management

Cassidy Alexis Causey, Surgical Technology

Hunter Shane Chambers, Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Jonathan Tyler Clegg, Aviation Maintenance Technology

Alec R. Coker, Construction Management

Tara Crate, Business Management

Emily M. Cromer, Vascular

Mary Elizabeth Crowe, Radiologic Technology

Jose Antonio Cruz, Precision Machining and Manufacturing

Areli Cruz Garcia, Business Management

Magali Cruz Guzman, Medical Assisting

Richard Alan Davis, Accounting

Sebastian De Santiago, Business Management

Taylor Anne Dotson, Business Management

Stephanie Driggers, Adult Echocardiography

Cassidey A. Dunn, Business Management

Delaina Duvall, Business Management

Emma Victoria Evans, Construction Management

Marykate Fetters, Health Information Management Technology

Micala Yvonne Filiatrault, Aviation Maintenance Technology

Carla L. Freeman, Medical Assisting

Joshua G. Freeman, Industrial Systems Technology

Zacary Tate Goodwin, Business Management

Bennie Benjamin Gorham, Applied Technical Management

Amy Gray, Early Childhood Care and Education

Gregory L. Greene Jr., Aviation Maintenance Technology

William K. Grizzard, Aviation Maintenance Technology

Theresa Harper, Aviation Maintenance Technology

Anna M. Harrell, Business Management

Misty Fowler Hawk, Criminal Justice Technology

Makayla D. Heard, Early Childhood Care and Education

Jessica C. Heifner, Construction Management

Sean M. Henery, Business Management

Karen Del Rocio Hernandez, Business Management

Shannon Marie Hicks, Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Amanda D. Hill, Surgical Technology

Monica Marie Hunter, Business Management

Brittany R Ingram, Business Management

Meredith L. Jacobs, Vascular

Maria B. Jaramillo Forcado, Radiologic Technology

Aletha R. Johnson, Business Management

Darrian Jones, Radiologic Technology

Logan Jones, Aviation Maintenance Technology

Mary Elizabeth Michelle Jones, Business Management

Tracey L. Key, Business Management

Katrina King, Surgical Technology

Justin L. Kirk, Business Management

Yamileth Landaverde, Business Management

Hanna La’Shea Leamon, Surgical Technology

Juan M. Lee, Aviation Maintenance Technology

Brittany Letner, Accounting

Danyell Holly Ann Lippincott, Medical Assisting

Emily Elizabeth Lippincott, Adult Echocardiography

Lisa M. Logan, Surgical Technology

Hannah Robison Longmire, Marketing Management

Nora Lynn, Health Information Management Technology

Danielle L. Maffetone, Business Management

Matthew Mathison, Automotive Technology

Jose J. Moreno, Automation Engineering Technology

Trixie Michelle Morgan, Early Childhood Care and Education

Olivia M. Moses, Surgical Technology

Brandis M. Nelson, Radiologic Technology

Thuan N. Nguyen, Aviation Maintenance Technology

Kenadi N. Nichols, Adult Echocardiography

Benjamin Eli Niles, Horticulture

Lorien H. Nunez, Web Site Design/Development

Elizabeth M. Nycum, Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Ashley Paramo-Carmona, Radiologic Technology

Amanda Elizabeth Parker, Horticulture

Jamie Perez, Construction Management

Kristen Pickel, Paramedicine

Helen Shanee Pope, Early Childhood Care and Education

Trey Posey, Construction Management

Samantha Nicole Prewett, Vascular

Charles Rainer Reaves, Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Trinity Alicia Reyes, Adult Echocardiography

Saul Reyes Jr., Instrumentation and Control Technician

Kaitlyn Elizabeth Richey, Vascular

Stefany Jaqueline Rodriguez, Surgical Technology

Sergio Andres Romero Vargas, Business Management

Chloe Rosser, Health Care Management

William Robert Rutledge, Drafting Technology

Osmar R. Sales, Radiologic Technology

Jocelyn Guadalupe Sanchez, Business Management

Alejandra Sandoval, Vascular

Aryn Autry Santos, Radiologic Technology

Selena Segura, Radiologic Technology

Jose A. Soto, Radiologic Technology

Ashley Renea Spence, Health Care Management

Tyler R. Stanton, Precision Machining and Manufacturing

Freddie Stewart, Automotive Technology

Jordan Lee Stroud, Aviation Maintenance Technology

Rachel Madison Sullivan, Aviation Maintenance Technology

Kyndall Le-Ann Sutton, Business Management

Charles Talbott, Industrial Systems Technology

Makayla D. Tate, Web Site Design/Development

Kasha Storm Taylor, Business Management

Lyndsey Alexis Teague, Business Management

Emily Anne Thompson, Business Management

Katlin Marie Thompson, Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Heather R. Thrasher, Business Management

Bryson A. Thurman, Construction Management

Claudia B. Torres, Accounting

Isaac Torres, Industrial Systems Technology

Jenesis R. Trevino, Adult Echocardiography

Hanna Skyler Tzimenatos, Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Husein Vajzovic, Industrial Systems Technology

Gabriela Vargas, Health Care Management

Kenya C. Vargas, Health Care Management

Destiny Velazquez, Horticulture

Yecica Meliza Vicente Vicente, Accounting

Analy Vigil Rico, Business Management

Keven Steven Vivas, Business Management

Cordelia Denenge’ Wells, Social Work Assistant

Tyler C. West, Construction Management

Brooklyn A. White, Business Healthcare Technology

Lexie Mae White, Adult Echocardiography

Tori Williams, Vascular

Dacey R. Willingham, Radiologic Technology

James Kaine Wilson, Construction Management

Cassandra Wood, Business Healthcare Technology            


Juan Pedro Almaraz Covarrubias, Welding and Joining Technology

Francely Ang, Human Lactation

Dulce Arias, Medical Assisting

Juana Bautista, Accounting

Albert Belman, Welding and Joining Technology

Kayla N. Briggs, Cosmetology

Shanae Bruton, Health Information Coding

Abigayle M. Bynum, Cosmetology

Michelle Caceres, Criminal Justice Technology

Jennifer Jaqueline Calderon Barrios, Cosmetology

Kayla Marie Caldwell, Practical Nursing

Rosa Charlene Cruz, Business Healthcare Technology

Gelsley Dasinger, Cosmetology

Deja Nichole Davis, Business Technology

Joshua Matthew Davis, Electrical Systems Technology

Jorma Dickson, Welding and Joining Technology

Isaiah Javier Espinoza, Welding and Joining Technology

Oscar J. Flores Segura, Automotive Technology

Ashley N. Floyd, Medical Assisting

Maribel Fraire, Medical Assisting

Emily Daniella Fraire Gonzalez, Cosmetology

Joy Elaine Fredrick, Business Technology

Cesar Ramon Gracia, Air Conditioning Technology

Alex T. Green, Welding and Joining Technology

Cathrine Alleen Greeson, Human Lactation

Briana Renea Hall, Accounting

Thomas Cooper Hartley, Welding and Joining Technology

Sierra Rose Hawkins, Cosmetology

Martin Hernandez, Welding and Joining Technology

Esli J. H-Hernandez, Medical Assisting

Jamarkus T. Holcomb, Culinary Arts

Shauna Cox Ingram, Cosmetology

Luis Joaquin-Gomez, Air Conditioning Technology

Jose Lara Mendez, Welding and Joining Technology

Alicia Lewis, EMS Professions

Marissa Sarahi Lon Morales, Cosmetology

Selena I. Lopez, Medical Assisting

Crystal Mallory, Medical Assisting

Antonio Martinez Jr., Welding and Joining Technology

Madison H. Millhollan, Cosmetology

Ian Aurelius Moore, Networking Specialist

Ever Morillon Delgado, Automotive Technology

Karen Melissa Orozco, Dental Assisting

Connor Keith Padgett, Electrical Systems Technology

Cassandra Paramo-Carmona, Medical Assisting

Heather Michele Payne, Cosmetology

Isaac Phillips, Diesel Equipment Technology

Eva YanXiang Poe, Cosmetology

Makayla Nolen Powell, Medical Assisting

Samantha Pullen, Culinary Arts

Yajaira Ramirez, Medical Assisting

Widman A. Ramirez Calderon, Air Conditioning Technology

Josue Giovanny Reveles, Welding and Joining Technology

Tanya Reyes-Cornejo, Medical Assisting

Claudia Rodriguez, Medical Assisting

Scarlett Katherine Rogers, Medical Assisting

Maricelys Romero Campos, Cosmetology

Wilburn Salaices Jr., Diesel Equipment Technology

Alondra Hernandez Sanchez, Medical Assisting

Maggie A. Scruggs, Business Management

Johana Segura-Torres, Dental Assisting

Courtney Smith, Business Healthcare Technology

Lashekia Marshae Smith, Medical Assisting

Terra Nicolee Smothers, Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Christian L. Stafford, CNC Technology

Presley N. Stone, Business Healthcare Technology

Jessica L. Strickland, Cosmetology

Katelynn Dawne Sturgill, Medical Assisting

Aleida Vail-Mendez, Cosmetology

Jesse Vargas, Cybersecurity

Alexis Vazquez, Welding and Joining Technology

Montserrat Villalobos Hernandez, Cosmetology

Lance Ronald Watson, Welding and Joining Technology

Logan Earl Watson, Welding and Joining Technology

Rebecca A. Watson, Cosmetology

Trenton S. Weaver, Precision Machining and Manufacturing

Holly R. Williams, Cosmetology

Shana Yarbrough, Cosmetology

Technical Certificate of Credit   

Kiley Alyssa Abernathy, Cosmetology for Licensure

Jaylyn A. Alvarado, Nail Technician

Flor A. Ambrocio-Vasquez, Cosmetology for Licensure

Juan Manuel Arellano, Air Conditioning Technician Assistant

Samantha Arellano, Cosmetology for Licensure

Alexis C. Asher, Clinical Office Assistant

Erica L. Baber, Cosmetology for Licensure

Moncerad Blanco Ortiz, Cosmetology for Licensure

Aleah Booth, Cosmetology for Licensure

Alli Brock, Cosmetology for Licensure

Laycie Davis Brookshire, Cosmetology for Licensure

Willie Cantrell, Diesel Truck Maintenance Technician

Kadie Carlene Cardin, Healthcare Billing and Coding Specialist

Esther Ruth Carswell, Cosmetology for Licensure

Courtney Carter, Cosmetology for Licensure

Bianca Lucero Cervantes, Nail Technician

LaMesha Brooke Chubb, Cosmetology for Licensure

Jaime Lynne Cooper, Cosmetology for Licensure

Alexandra Cornejo, Clinical Office Assistant

Wendy Crumley, Cosmetology for Licensure

Salma Cuna, Office Accounting Specialist

Emily Davis, Medical Coding

Alexa Rose Doherty, Cosmetology for Licensure

Amber Nicole Edwards, Phlebotomy Technician

Jessie Ely, Clinical Office Assistant

Nancy Felipe-Diego, Cosmetology for Licensure

Tesfa K. Francis, Aviation Maintenance Technician

Wendy Garner, Cosmetology for Licensure

Alyssa Corrine Gibbs, Cosmetology for Licensure

Deborah Godfrey, Medical Front Office Assistant

Cristian Gomez Ramirez, Aviation Maintenance Technician

Britenee Nikohle Graham, Clinical Office Assistant

Shayla Diane Graham, Phlebotomy Technician

Johnathan William Gregory, Industrial Motor Control Technician

Michelle Guzman-Benites, Criminal Justice Specialist

Mckayla Hall, Cosmetology for Licensure

Jamie Lee Hamilton, Cosmetology for Licensure

Jeremy J. Harris, Hair Designer

Andrew Hatt, Emergency Medical Technician

Eduardo Roman Huitanda, Electrical Contracting Technician

Cloie-Jean Albreanna Jenkins, Emergency Medical Technician

John D. Jenkins, Emergency Medical Technician

Calandra Jones, Cosmetology for Licensure

Jasmine Mariah Lanier, Cosmetology for Licensure

Monica Layne, Early Childhood Care and Education Basics

Tracy Lynn Lomax, Early Childhood Care and Education Basics

Deidra Long, Computerized Accounting Specialist

Kourtney Long, Clinical Office Assistant

Jennifer Lisbeth Lopez, Cosmetology for Licensure

Rachelle N. Loveless, Clinical Office Assistant

Mionica Shuntea’ Loyal, Pre-Hospital EMS Operations

Bernisha Madding, Hair Designer

Brianda Mayquel Martinez, Healthcare Billing and Coding Specialist

Desiree M. Mayes, Clinical Office Assistant

Aaliyah McCluskey, Nail Technician

Erica Keiser McGowan, Central Sterile Supply Processing Technician

Zoee Mercer, Cosmetology for Licensure

Emily Mijangos Melendez, Cosmetology for Licensure

Erick Murillo, Photovoltaic Systems Installation and Repair Technician

Karimar Negron Ramos, Cosmetology for Licensure

Kathy Joana Nolasco, Cosmetology for Licensure

Jenny Rafaela Nolasco Vasquez, Cosmetology for Licensure

Kaneisha Pace, Cosmetology for Licensure

Yaslin Melisa Perez Aguilar, Cosmetology for Licensure

Tori Melia Perez Fraire, Cosmetology for Licensure

Jonathan Perez Godinez, Cosmetology for Licensure

Le Anh Khoa Pham, Aviation Maintenance Technician

Mariela Pizano Cornejo, Clinical Office Assistant

Wanda Taylor Pratt, Cosmetology for Licensure

Chasiti D. Rosser, Cosmetology for Licensure

Matalyn Lace Ryan, Cosmetology for Licensure

Jaycee Camille Sisson, Cosmetology for Licensure

Misty M. Stone, Healthcare Office Assistant

Jessica Ann Stricklin, Clinical Office Assistant

Brittany Teems, Cosmetology for Licensure

Mollie Denise Teems, Cosmetology for Licensure

Binyam Teklehaimanot, Aviation Maintenance Technician-Airframe

Samantha M. Thomas, Cosmetology for Licensure

Maci Hannah Tucker, Phlebotomy Technician

Brianna Leigh Turner, Cosmetology for Licensure

Baylee Claire Vandall, Cosmetology for Licensure

Colton Whelchel, Aviation Maintenance Technician

Jade N. Whitaker, Early Childhood Care and Education Basics

Valerie Williams, Cosmetology for Licensure

Caleb M. Willis, Aviation Maintenance Technician

Ashley N. Young, Clinical Office Assistant

Dr. Heidi Popham (left) congratulates William Robert Rutledge, GNTC’s 2022 Georgia Occupational Award of Leadership (GOAL) winner.