(Media release from former US Senator Kelly Loeffler):

On Tuesday, former U.S. Senator Kelly Loeffler released a 2022 Impact Report highlighting the efforts of two conservative organizations, analyzing the state of Georgia’s Republican victories, and presenting further opportunities to grow the conservative movement. The data support her assertion that Georgia remains a red state – but that sustained investment in Republican campaigns, infrastructure, and the ground game are critical for continued success.

Loeffler serves as Chairwoman of the conservative voter mobilization group Greater Georgia and was Vice-Chair of Citizens for a Greater Georgia, one of the State Senate’s leadership committees. With her multi-million dollar investment in statewide mobilization and issues advocacy, Greater Georgia was able to make more than 2.6 million voter contacts, while Citizens for a Greater Georgia made over 600,000 direct voter contacts at doors and on phones, and millions more impressions through digital, text, television and radio.

“Despite national media narratives, 2022 was a record-breaking year for Georgia Republicans. Thanks to sustained and dedicated work on the ground, a commitment to growing the conservative movement, and proven Republican leaders, Georgia is a red state. Now, our focus must shift to building on the infrastructure and momentum – continuing to assess the data and lessons learned from each cycle to expand our margins and grow our tent,” said Loeffler.

“That work starts now. The state is changing – economically, demographically, and politically – but that change is positive as long as conservatives put in the work. If we continuously adapt to this dynamic environment, then conservatives will have the infrastructure and mobilization needed to succeed in even greater numbers in 2024 and beyond. Elections are about the future. And in the Peach State, now is a crucial moment to commit to protecting the future of our state and our values – because the Left is fully focused on turning our state blue.”

In 2022, Democrats dramatically outraised Republicans, particularly in the state’s marquee races where Republicans’ top federal candidate was outspent by $100 million and the top state candidate was outspent by over $30 million. Republicans also faced a changing electorate with growth among young and diverse voters, as well as independent and swing voters – who now comprise 30% of Georgia’s electorate.

Nonetheless, Republicans won every statewide office from the Governor’s race down – and increased their margins of victory compared to 2018. The top Democrat candidate only won 25 counties – four fewer than four years ago. Republicans in the State House and Senate, meanwhile, retained their legislative majorities – in stark contrast to the last midterm election in 2018 when they lost a combined 16 seats.

These victories can and should be attributed to three things: first, a renewed commitment to mobilizing on the ground – and direct voter contact – through groups like Citizens for a Greater Georgia. Second, the key role of groups like Greater Georgia and a year-round voter engagement apparatus designed to register voters, expand and diversify the conservative movement, and promote election integrity. And third – but not least – strong conservative candidates at every level, from the top of the ticket on down, who are critical to keeping Georgia as the best state in America to live, work and raise a family.

To read or download the Impact Report, click HERE.