(Media release from the Floyd County Police Department):

The Floyd County Police Department recently obtained complaints and video about a man soliciting homes and identifying himself as an employee of the Internal Revenue Service. Police have determined that it is not a scam and that he is an official from the Internal Revenue Service.

The police department has positively identified the man as an employee of the IRS following two separate inquiries with federal partners and a visit to his IRS office in Smyrna. The man is not an imposter and was acting on official business of the IRS. During an interview with the man at his office it was determined that his responsibilities are to inquire about overdue returns and payments. He advised that he and others will be in the area as the IRS continues to hire more employees.

To avoid fraud and scams people should always ask for government identification when dealing with anyone asking about finances or personal documents. In the case of this investigation, the IRS employee was carrying two forms of identification from the Department of Treasury. Collection employees will also have a law enforcement hotline available with a passcode for police to quickly investigate on site.

The police department has encouraged the IRS and its collection officials to contact 911 prior to making house calls so that we may avoid confusion in the future.