The Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency has partnered up with the National Weather Service to observe this week, March 6-10, as Flood Safety Preparedness Week. The observance is intended to urge all Georgians to act now to prepare for flooding before it happens.

Tim Herrington, the Director of the Floyd County Emergency Management Agency, says that Rome is vulnerable to flooding due to its three rivers.

Herrington adds that Flood Safety Preparedness Week is an extension of the state’s annual observance of Severe Weather Preparedness Week (held every February) with a focus on flooding.

Locals are urged by Herrington to download the Floyd EMA mobile app for information about flood safety preparedness and other useful features. That’s available free of charge from Apple’s App Store or Google Play.

According to GEMA/HS –

Flood Safety Preparedness Week showcases a new tip each day to inform you and your family on flooding hazards, safety, and preparation. Flood Safety Preparedness Week highlights the risks of flooding in the state each day and provides an opportunity for residents to learn how to take proper safety precautions. •

  • Monday, March 6 – Flood Safety, Preparedness, and Awareness: Make a plan, build a ready kit and communicate with your household and community so you’re prepared in case of a flood. •
  • Tuesday, March 7 – Turn Around, Don’t Drown: Never attempt to drive through floodwaters. Two feet of moving water can carry away a full-sized car. •
  • Wednesday, March 8 – Flood Hazards: Stay out of floodwaters if possible. The water can be contaminated or electrically charged. However, if your car stalls in rapidly rising waters, leave the vehicle and seek higher ground. •
  • Thursday, March 9 – NWS Water Resources and Services: Try to prepare for the next flood event now. Understand the products and services the National Weather Service (NWS) provides to alert you of changing river and weather conditions and use tips and resources from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to help make a plan! •
  • Friday, March 10 – Partners and Partner Services: Get ahead of the next disaster by knowing all the important players before, during and after floods — including flood insurance. Many homeowner’s policies don’t cover floods. Be financially ready for a flood event by visiting fema.gov/national-flood-insurance-program and remember, flood insurance takes 30 days to take effect!