(Media release from Atrium Health Floyd):

Scheduling visits to Atrium Health Floyd Urgent Care locations is now more convenient, thanks to Reserve Your Spot technology that allows patients to pick a time to see a health care provider.

Anyone can go to using a computer, tablet or phone to schedule an appointment at one of Atrium Health Floyd’s seven urgent care locations.

In most cases, patients will be able to choose the time frame when they wish to be seen by a provider. When patients click on the teal Reserve Your Spot logo under the Urgent Care location they plan to visit, it will bring up a brief, secure online form, which will indicate which time slots are still open.

“This eliminates the likelihood of long waits in our urgent care offices and gives patients the opportunity to stay at home or anywhere else they are comfortable until their visit,” said Drew Dempsey, assistant vice president of strategy, planning and medical group operations at Atrium Health Floyd.

“Instead of sitting in a waiting room, you can reserve a time on your phone and plan your day within minutes and rest assured that your spot is being held virtually,” Dempsey added.

A drop-down menu will ask patients to “Select a reason” for the visit.

The form will ask for the patient’s name, when they want to be seen, their email, cell number and date of birth. That information will be kept confidential and will only be used by the office staff. The visit times are pre-selected based on operating hours and who has already made an appointment.

The form will also ask if the patient would like to receive a text message as a reminder.