(Media release from ESP):

ESP (Extra Special People), a leading organization dedicated to creating transformative experiences for people with disabilities will host the first annual Tri-ESP with Darlington School on Saturday, May 6 at 5:00 p.m. at the Huffman Athletic Center.

“This triathlon is designed for all children with disabilities,” said Beth Smith, Darlington pre-K teacher and event coordinator. “Each athlete will have a buddy to complete the race with. The athletes will swim, bike, and run to the best of their abilities, and after the race, there will be a celebration with awards, food trucks, and music.”

For the swimming portion, participants will swim 25 yards or one full length of the Huffman Center pool. They will then go outside to the parking lot where they will complete the biking portion. Following the bike ride, participants will run one lap around the track. “For each event, there are varying levels of accommodations available based on the needs of each participant,” said Smith.

Concluding the race, celebrations will include awards, music and food trucks. Local vendors including Vamos Tacos, Fuel BBQ, and Pizza Roama will be ready to serve as you cheer and celebrate people of all abilities!

“Tri-ESP is a race, but most importantly it’s a celebration!” said Smith. “Members of the community are invited to attend to cheer on the athletes and learn more about the work ESP is doing in the Rome-Floyd community.” Contact Beth Smith with questions or volunteer opportunities at [email protected].

To learn more about ESP Rome and its programs, or to donate and volunteer, kindly visit