(Announcement from the Rome Police Department, GA):

The Rome Police Department has honored the following as Officers of the Month –

PFC Jeffrey Jackson was awarded Officer of the Month for January. While conducting a traffic stop, PFC Jackson recovered a significant quantity of drugs from the vehicle. Metro task force was contacted, and Information was obtained resulting in the Metro drug task force securing several felony search warrants for a location on Martha Berry Blvd which resulted in the recovery of a large quantity of drugs and drug trafficking charges.

Officer Evan Kimbel was awarded Officer of the Month for February. A lookout was given on a female with felony warrants. While patrolling, Officer Kimbel recognized the female in a parking lot. He attempted to get out with her, and she began to flee. Officer Kimbel gave chase on foot and was able to secure the female and place her under arrest.

Captain Danny Story was awarded Officer of the Month for March. Captain Story responded to a call of a child abduction. The CART (Child Abduction Response Team) was activated with several agencies responding. During a very tense ordeal, Captain Story was able to obtain the phone number of the abductor and made contact. Captain Story was successful in building a rapport with the offender. He eventually convinced him to give himself up and return the child.

PFC Sam Gongwer was awarded Officer of the Month for April. PFC Gongwer responded to a single vehicle accident in the Horseleg Creek area with no one around the vehicle. A male subject was observed walking in the vicinity of the accident. PFC Gongwer made contact, and after several attempts at identifying the individual and being given false names and dates of birth, PFC Gongwer placed the subject under arrest and transported him to the county jail. Upon being fingerprinted, it was discovered the subject had a warrant through Cobb County for murder.