(Media release from Chieftains Museum/Major Ridge Home):

Chieftains Museum/Major Ridge Home is proud to announce the 2023-2024 Jody Selman Lecture Series. The series is sponsored by the family of Jody Selman, a founding member of Chieftains Museum/Major Ridge Home. The series will begin on August 31, 2023 at 7pm with a lecture presented by Dr. Alice TaylorColbert titled “Living Between Two Cultures.” The lecture will be held at Evans Hall on the Berry College campus and is open to the public. Dr. Taylor-Colbert’s presentation will chronicle the lives and legacy of the Ridges who adapted to European agricultural, business, and cultural practices while maintaining a distinctly Cherokee identity and seeking to preserve the Cherokee Nation within the United States.

Dr. Taylor-Colbert earned her Master’s and Ph.D. degrees in American Studies from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. She has served five universities as an American history and public history professor and/or an academic administrator, including Campus Dean (CEO) of USC Union, before leaving higher education in 2019. During her career, she enjoyed teaching Southern history and culture, Cherokee Studies, Museum Studies, and American history of all eras. As a public historian, Taylor-Colbert began her career at the Atlanta History Center, has led museums, archives, historic sites, and galleries owned by the universities she served, and now leads Development and Strategic Initiatives for South Carolina Humanities. Taylor-Colbert is currently a board member of the Georgia Trail of Tears Association.

Chieftains Museum/Major Ridge Home has partnered with Berry College to host this lecture on their campus.

There is no cost to attend this presentation. For more information about the Jody Selman Chieftains Lecture Series, visit or call (762) 327-6124.